Central Toronto light therapy for skin

LED Light Therapy pain relief has become a staple form of treatment for individuals in Central Toronto. Both the Navy and NASA’s initial studies on bone marrow transplant patients have led to the implementation of this medication alternative in specific professions to lessen the amount of experienced discomfort or inflammation of a patient. The NASA studies centered on how infrared light at defined wavelengths is capable of promoting cell regeneration, cell functions, and general discomfort alleviation. Their confirmation of treatment effectiveness to alleviate pain safely has caused the method to be adopted in various medical areas.


Advanced light therapy has been proven to expedite wound restoration, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain. The procedure involves using a device to emit the required wavelength to a designated area of the body through a concentrated source by means of Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s). It has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in Central Toronto for every kind of ailment, but the NASA studies generated awareness of this option as an alternative to traditional drugs.

Why is Advanced Light Therapy Effective?


Advanced light therapy is a procedure where photons are emitted through a special device designed to reach unhealthy or abnormal cells underneath surface tissue by means of a certain light wavelength. The LED’s provide necessary photons for energizing damaged cell mitochondria to speed up repair while alleviating discomfort. Fast cell regrowth limits the time required to regenerate a wounded area and supplies a reduced amount of pain. Quick regeneration eliminates discomfort as an individual’s health is restored. The non-invasive treatment requires multiple visits or home applications to be effective. Session counts vary based on the type of ailment and the level of experienced discomfort. The main benefits offered by using light therapy pain relief are elimination of harmful drugs, faster relief, and a shortened recovery time. Individuals considering remedying acute or chronic pain by these means are encouraged to discuss all options with a doctor before making a choice.

This treatment choice has proven highly effective in the alleviation of joint or muscle aches. NASA found that patients receiving bone marrow transplants had a noticeable discomfort reduction when advanced light therapy was applied. Plant studies showed cells exposed to LED’s grew as much as two hundred percent faster than those receiving no stimulation. A more recent study displayed the possible benefits of LED application among pediatric cancer patients. Bone marrow transplant patients in particular develop a condition called oral mucositis, which causes mouth or throat ulcerations, extreme soreness, and intestinal tract inflammation. They have a difficult time chewing due to the ulcerations and swallowing is sometimes near impossible. Inability to drink or eat quickly diminishes the patient’s health, with medication providing the only relief.

Latest studies prove that LED Light Therapy can help alleviate many of these symptoms. Dr. Harry Whelan found the study results to be encouraging, and the extended research has caused light therapy pain relief to become a justifiable choice over the administration of multiple medications. The study has opened eyes among medical professionals regarding the possible benefits of this treatment for remedying discomfort without the use of drugs.